About Me

My Teaching Background

I started teaching special education English in 2011 at a high school in Baltimore County. Recently I  moved up to central Pennsylvania where I continue to teach a combination of self-contained/adaptive English classes as well as co-taught inclusion classes. I have a dual graduate degree in special education and secondary education and am certified in both special education and English 7-12.

Most of what you’ll find on this blog is information about lessons and teaching strategies I use to reach struggling learners. My lessons and resources rely heavily on visuals, graphic organizers, and chunked assessments. I also love to laugh and have fun in the classroom, so a lot of what I put out involves humor.

Who Am I?

I know seeing an actual picture of me or knowing my actual name is supposed to instill trust in the reader, but I like to keep anonymity online. This isn’t a picture of me. I won’t use my real name or give a specific location.

But I love engaging in conversation about teaching and resources. Please leave comments and questions and I’ll quickly get back to you.